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Liza Returns Hotter Than Ever!

At Aphrodite, we have always prided ourselves on how well we look after our girls. As a result, we have a fantastic retention rate for our young professional escorts, which really helps out our regulars who like to settle on a particular taste. It also hel...
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Gold Cup Week at Cheltenham

With all of the sports focus on Rugby recently, it's easy to forget that there's a whole other world of sports out there that we can engage in and enjoy. Some of them are on all of the time but some of them are purely for a few special days each year. One...
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Keeping Up With The Six Nations

If you've read our last few blogs (which you should!) then you'll know that we have been right behind our fantastic lads as they've played for Wales and brought us a ton of pride and glory in the Six Nations Tournament thus far. We had a stunning victory w...
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Valentine's Treats

Valentine's Day is a special day for a lot of couples around Wales who make time in their busy lives to spend some quality time together. For those without a significant other at this time of year, it can often be a big blank hole in the schedule. So what ...
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England V Wales

Well, it had to happen eventually! After literally years of stealing away trophies from England in their homeland, sooner or later they had to get lucky and manage to sneak one past us. 1999, 2008, 2012 and the recent World Cup all saw us driving that Wels...
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