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Eagerly Awaiting the End of Covid

Alright all? I know its a been a little while so I thought I would check in and say Hi.As many of you that have met me will know I'm not a fan of these winter months, especially the ones spent in yet another lockdown! Bring back the days when I can wear my...
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Heres to 2021 and the back of Covid 19

Hi everyone,Just a quick note from all of us here to wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2021. We know that so many have suffered during this last year, to a degree that none of us could ever have imagined. Our thoughts, as always, remain with the ...
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2020-A Covid Adventure

Well what an adventure we have been on so far this year...As those who have had the pleasure of meeting me will know, I am well up for a laugh and a giggle but 2020 has taken our emotions to the extreme and then some. I have been like a caged animal. Chomp...
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Home Entertainment during Covid

Hi everyone,Sorry for being so quiet lately but what with all of the lockdowns and different restrictions in place, life has been pretty boring!Asides from making the most of local walks and home gym equipment there's not great deal to share. I have been e...
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Even Covid Clouds Have a Silver Lining

Well what a crazy year this has turned out to be. It all started so well for so many and then everything literally ground to a halt around us.We know we aren't alone in hoping for a much better and happier 2021, but we just need to get through the last mon...
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Counting our blessings throughout Covid-19

Well it almost feels like Christmas Eve here. We are all brimming with excitement at being able to, almost freely, explore our beautiful surroundings once more! This lockdown once felt never ending, now there is the slightest bit of light at the end of wha...
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Newly Acquired Skills

Hi everyone, just another quick message from me in lockdown.Now there is only so much naked sunbathing a girl can do and feeling like I am the only person on the planet that still has a cupboard full of flour I decided to use everything up. I have been exp...
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Me Time

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting an update any sooner but to be honest I didn't really know what to say.Im sure we are all feeling the same way now with the monotony of our day to day lives, so this week I have decided to embrace some of my new found fre...
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Lockdown TLC

The whole of Britain is adjusting to the new lockdown rules that have so changed all of our lives, and my life has certainly been no different. It has been a huge change from being able to do anything I want to being stuck inside for the majority of the da...
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Missing You

Well where do I start? I always try my best to look at the positives but this week has actually been the most difficult so far throughout this strange time. I'm actually missing the outside world, the freedom that we all took for granted and am really...
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