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Teen Play Tara

“Tara, do you know why you’ve been called to my office today?” Ewan Jones, a 40 something business owner, stood by his fireplace with his arm resting on the mantel. Tara, the young baby faced escort stood in the doorway after getting changed into her...
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Miss Owens Strikes Again!

Frankie or rather ‘Miss Owens’, stood there before a naked Martin whilst wearing her school headmistress cap and cropped gown. Underneath she wore nothing but pointed black stilettos, black sheer stockings and white satin knickers with black lace detai...
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Client Code Of Conduct

Here at Aphrodite escorts we have the best escorts in the UK for one simple reason - each and every one of our escorts are highly trained in how to meet every single one of their client’s expectations. They make it their mission to ensure that every clie...
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Booking An Escort

The booking process for a beautiful, professional Aphrodite escort is very simple but very important. Getting it right ensures that both you and the escort have a fantastic time and is one of the biggest influencers of the quality of the time you spend in ...
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Safety For Escorts

There are no bigger supporters for the joys of escorting than us. We’ve happily shown you all just how much money can be made doing this job for only a few hours a week, how you can pick your own hours, how you can do what you enjoy and still have more t...
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How To Become An Escort

Many things have changed in the last few decades within the realm of escorting. The booking is easier, the girls are easier to vet, clients get to see who they’re getting in a gallery before they book, and the laws have changed to better protect both esc...
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Milf Escorts Are Back!

It’s been yet another great week for all of us here at Aphrodite, and it’s almost time for a break. Half Term has been sweeping across the UK, with most areas either finishing up their break or still enjoying the fruits of sitting back and relaxing or ...
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Great Weekend Results In Cardiff!

It’s been yet another great week here at Aphrodite Escorts, with celebrations all through Cardiff at the spectacular rugby result over the weekend. It was a true nailbiter down at the Principality Stadium, with many of our escorts there in person to...
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Independent vs Agency Workers!

One of the most common questions we get from both aspiring and current escorts is ‘What is the difference between being Independent and working for an Agency? The words ‘Independent’ and ‘Agency’ have certain connotations in many other careers. I...
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Why Students Turn To Escorting

When people, such as the media, have the opportunity to ask escorts questions, the invariably ask the same one either first or in the first three. ‘Why do you do it?’ Usually it’s asked a bit condescendingly, as if escorting is some last-ditch deci...
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