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Freedom At Last

Wow, what a weekend that was and for once there was not the required use of a battery operated aid! Whilst we were all more than slightly disappointed that things couldn't go ahead from midnight Friday as planned, especially for the bars and nightclubs tha...
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An Exciting Announcement

Hi everyone,Well the sun is shining and its spreading nothing but good vibes here at the Aphrodite office! We thought we would keep the positive vibes going and share some exciting updates with you. Whilst you may think we have been quiet for a little whil...
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A Long Awaited Hug

As you all know by now we at Aphrodite take covid restrictions very, very seriously. It is for this reason that we will be fully embracing the latest government guidance when it comes to hugs. From now on we will minimise face to face contact and conc...
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Guess Who's Back?

Let us start by apologising for being quiet for a little while, however, there are only so many mundane lockdown stories we can share before they all start sounding the same :) We do now have a BIG announcement to finally make. WE ARE BACK! Bookings a...
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Time Flies in a Coronavirus Bubble

Wow, I cant believe how quickly time flies when you are locked away! It has been so long since I updated you all, not that there's much to update! It's almost like we are living in some weird Coronavirus time machine that we don't gain too much from. We si...
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Life Lessons Brought by Covid-19

Well hello strangers,I am sorry it's been a while since I have been in touch but life has been pretty hectic this last few months.Whilst I have been away, missing you all of course, I have been loving the slower pace of life and embracing the extra time I ...
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Cup of Tea For One Please?

Someone please help! I'm not really sure how this has happened but it has. The highlight of my day is now getting all dressed up to sit, alone and drink....TEA!?I knew Coronavirus was bad and sent to try us all, but I didn't expect it to hit this type of l...
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Eagerly Awaiting the End of Covid

Alright all? I know its a been a little while so I thought I would check in and say Hi.As many of you that have met me will know I'm not a fan of these winter months, especially the ones spent in yet another lockdown! Bring back the days when I can wear my...
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Heres to 2021 and the back of Covid 19

Hi everyone,Just a quick note from all of us here to wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2021. We know that so many have suffered during this last year, to a degree that none of us could ever have imagined. Our thoughts, as always, remain with the ...
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2020-A Covid Adventure

Well what an adventure we have been on so far this year...As those who have had the pleasure of meeting me will know, I am well up for a laugh and a giggle but 2020 has taken our emotions to the extreme and then some. I have been like a caged animal. Chomp...
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