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Escorts Jobs in Cardiff

At Aphrodite Escorts, we're always on the lookout to grow our list of beautiful, high-class professional escorts in South Wales. There is no limit to the number of exceptional women on our books and we actively encourage new local applicants. As with all manner of work, not everyone is suitable for specific roles. With Aphrodite Escorts we take pride in recruiting only the finest professional escorts in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Swansea, South Wales and South West.


To give you an idea of who we look for, as well as the type of woman our clients seek, we have put together a simple list of criteria and expectations. Read on to see if you have what it takes to join one of the top high-class professional escort services in South Wales.


One of the most important features in our women is confidence. Confidence in themselves and confidence in the knowledge of their own self-worth and sex appeal. At Aphrodite Escorts, we have a great reputation throughout South Wales for our ladies having personalities that intoxicate their clients, making them come back for more again and again.


With Aphrodite Escorts, we and our clients know that women aren't copy and paste versions of each other and neither would we want them to be. We welcome all women applicants, regardless of body shape, skin tone, hair colour or background. All we ask for is you to have at least one defining attractive feature that you're completely confident in. For example, dazzling eyes that draw you in or an arse that fills out every curve in a pair of skinny jeans. We and our clients love women who love to smile.


Another attribute we like our women to have is that of a sense of humour. All parties want to have a fun time and as an Aphrodite professional escort, you need to be able to make people instantly warm towards you and put them at ease.


We love to have fun at Aphrodite Escorts but we are serious at what we do. We ask all our applicants to be reliable, clear and confident communicators. This allows a safe and easy manageable employment for both parties.


Applicants must be over the age of 19 years old.


As an Aphrodite Escort, you must have natural elegance and eloquence to be able to change and adapt to different environments. As a professional escort, it is your job to meet clients of all different backgrounds and attend all manner of events. You will need to be able to instantly be relaxed and fit in wherever that is, be it a restaurant or cocktail party.


Most of our ladies are part time so don't worry if you can only work a few hours per week, we always try and be as flexible as possible. 

There is No Fee to join our agency. We only take commissions from bookings that have been made. We will also arrange your Free photo shoots and give you full guidelines and help.

We are a British Woman run agency, all of our girls are happy and love working with us, we look after them like family. We offer full support throughout your time with us. Happy Girls = Happy Clients = Happy Us


If you are considered to be a suitable candidate we will arrange for a meeting, this will be to discuss things in person and allow you to get a feel for us and to understand more on if the job is suitable for you. Once your application has been submitted, we expect a full commitment to that meeting. If you cannot attend, we require 12 hours' notice or a reasonable explanation to rearrange for another time. Time is valuable and we cannot waste time out of the office for a 'No Show.'


We ask at the meeting you to attend in smart but casual sexy attire, so we can get a clear first impression picture of how you will see clients.


Not everyone is cut out or suited to the job and role of a professional escort. And that is OK, not everyone is suited to work in retail or an office job. However, if you feel that you are suited to be a Professional Escort, meet these points and would love the opportunity to be with Aphrodite Escorts and the amazing reputation we have, click on Recruitment to submit your details. We can't wait to hear from you.


Please Note: We do not need to have explicit images attached, a face image, a full body shot and possible a lingerie shot. 

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