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Gorgeous young Welsh escorts are our favourite thing in all of Cardiff and South Wales, and we know that you'll love these girls too! Our gallery of elite Welsh escorts is jam packed with examples of true Welsh beauty - with a few gorgeous English girls thrown in for good measure! If you want to spice up your life and have an exciting time with the kind of girl you thought existed only in your imagination then you're in the right place. This gallery proudly displays all of our amazing professional escorts and we can guarantee that you'll find something that you love.

Escorting as rocketed in popularity in recent years and this has brought, along with the clients, more and more people going into escorting. This means that there are escorts to be found everywhere, but telling who is a true professional courtesan and who is someone looking to make some quick money at your expense is very hard. Luckily, it is our lifelong mission to collect and curate the very best in Welsh escorting talent and hone it with our comprehensive training so that each and every young lady in our employ is a true professional who views escorting not as a way to make some quick money, but as a true calling.

It's hard to become an Aphrodite girl, but those who make the cut are the most gorgeous, charming, intelligent, down to earth, classy and sophisticated in all of Wales and beyond. This allows you to book with us in total confidence that the only issue you'll face is you can never book enough time because you'll always want more!

Use our filters to find your perfect girl, or let us do it for you by contacting us and letting us know what it is that you like. We'll make sure to find someone who suits your exquisite tastes very well. Our premium young Welsh escorts are organising into categories depending on their major asset - whether they are young, teen, new to our agency, VIP, party girls, slim and so on and so forth. This makes it a lot easier to find what you're looking for. But, once again, if you struggle in any way then let us know and we'll find someone that'll blow your socks off! Every picture you see on here is a true, original and untouched image. What you see is what you get.

To get an exclusive date with any of our amazing girls, then give us a call or use our contact form. We'll be happy to set you up with someone that will change your world.


Every single one of our amazing young Welsh escorts are at the top of their game and in peak physical condition. Much like athletes, they have dedicated their lives to pursuing the goal of being the absolute best in their profession. They are also hugely popular due to their immaculate reputation, and so it is vital to make bookings in advance. Whatever is agreed during the two of you during your time (Monopoly is very popular!) is your business, but you are expected to pay for the companionship received during that time.

You can see the fees on the individual escort's profile. You can always read the reviews too, if you want to see what everyone else thought!

Incalls and Outcalls

We have our young professional girls dotted around all of Wales and some parts of the bordering English counties. This means that no matter where you are, companionship and great times are only a phone call away.

Even though our recruitment criteria are very selective, we attract the best talent because we are the very pinnacle of escorting achievement. This means that we have both very high quality standards and a high number of escorts - a very rare duo in the escorting world.

Wherever you are, we have both Incalls and Outcalls available. Incalls are cheaper as you are in charge of the travel, but if you want a truly VIP experience then our escorts can come out to you. We can guarantee discretion with both of these methods. Our escorts are social butterflies who are trained to not let on their true profession. They're just a gorgeous young lady out to see a friend! Don't worry - they won't walk through your hotel lobby or arrive outside your home in suspenders and lingerie.

Not unless you ask them to!

This discretion does, of course, go both ways. So make sure to be discreet yourself!