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Aphrodite Escorts is an agency that represents and promotes the services of companionship with self-employed escorts for a given time period in exchange for financial compensation. The activities that may occur or take place in the time period, is the complete and sole agreement between consenting parties.

All escorts represented by Aphrodite Escorts are above the age of 18 and have a full and legal right to work in the UK. All escorts are independent contractors and are completely responsible for their working hours. All content implied or inferred on this site is not to be taken as inducement for payment for anything that is not time and companionship.

Aphrodite Escorts is a referral agency that acts only as an introductory service to the escorts through promotion and representation. Aphrodite Escorts collects a referral fee from clients for referring them to the escorts promoted.



The escorts have chosen of their own free will to choose Aphrodite Escorts to represent and promote their services. The escorts are safe in the knowledge that they work in a safe environment with the support of local law enforcement.

All escorts are free to decline any booking at their discretion if they so wish to. The escorts are in no way forced, coerced or under threat to offer their escorting services. The escorts have full access to authorities and public services at all times.

New laws are being enforced throughout the UK in hopes of cracking down on the deeply offensive, dangerous, and inhumane trade of sex trafficking. If you have any concerns or doubts regarding an escort or agency, please help us and the authorities by calling CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111.




Aphrodite Escorts work within the full extent of the laws in the United Kingdom. As of 2009, the Policing and Crime Act changed in relation to escort agencies and prostitution. From April 1st, 2010, it became a criminal offence to pay for services of a prostitute who is controlled for gain, if any third party uses force, threat or any other form of coercion. All of the escorts represented and promoted by Aphrodite Escorts are independent, self-employed contractors. The Escorts have chosen Aphrodite Escorts to promote and represent their services willingly.



By proceeding to use you agree to accept these terms and conditions. You also agree to Aphrodite Escort's Privacy Policy and accept cookies collected from this site. Aphrodite Escorts hold the right to change the Terms and Conditions as it sees fit at any time without warning. It is solely the user's duty and obligation to regularly read and familiarise themselves with the Terms and Conditions of the site.

Aphrodite Escorts hold no responsibility for any and all content posted by the user. As the user you agree to not post any material that can be deemed:


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Aphrodite Escorts hold sole copyright over all original text and images. Aphrodite Escorts do not give permission for the user to copy, modify, or distribute any and all content. To do so, the user must have full express written permission from the site's administrators.



By continuing with Aphrodite Escorts you agree that there may also be external links to other third party sites, that are not owned or managed by Aphrodite Escorts. Aphrodite Escorts holds no responsibility for the privacy policies, practices and cookies obtained by any other site you may access from Aphrodite Escorts.



For full precaution, protection and discrepancy for both Aphrodite Escorts and potential escorts represented and promoted on Aphrodite Escorts website, Aphrodite Escorts must collect and maintain personal, sensitive information about escort applicants. We use this highly sensitive information with the upmost respect for documentation and verification purposes only.