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New Images & New Faces

It's been another great week for all of us here at Aphrodite, with our escorts having had a load of really great bookings over the last few days. It's the closing days of a very long summer and Autumn is starting to bite, so we can expect to start getting into the Halloween spirit fairly soon, not forgetting Bonfire Night and then Christmas after that. All very exciting! But let's not look too far ahead, because cool stuff is still going on this week that you don't have to wait so long for.

We're doing new shoots for a load of our girls, which they always really enjoy. Having new, up to date and accurate pictures is super important for any agency - but especially so for a high quality organisation like Aphrodite Escorts. It lets clients know exactly what they can expect when they make the booking, and large, high definition images make sure that they know this in the maximum detail possible! All images are always recent and accurate because it helps ensure that we can give 100% satisfaction each and every time. The professional escort you see and book is always the one that turns up at your door.

Pictures are also a fan favourite of the clients for another, slightly less professional reason. They just love to see our girls in all of their glory! And trust us when we say that our girls love being seen just as much as you all love looking at them. Perhaps even more.

We're not joking either. This week we have some incredible new and updated images for our stunning professional erotic dancer Naomi, experienced professional model Kate, and our raven-haired natural beauty Nicole. These girls have always been client favourites and their new gallery is guaranteed to raise more than just a few eyebrows!

In addition to these popular and well-loved escorts, we also have two new girls who have had their first round of professional photography sessions in order to add their intoxicating beauty to their profile pages. We can be truly honest with you when we say that their new images will do more than just grab your attention - you're in real danger of falling in love! Blonde bombshell Emily is sure to use her angelic innocence to entice any man into submission, and if that doesn't do the trick then her absolutely perfect peachy bum is sure to do the trick. As if one stunning blonde wasn't enough, we also have the enchanting young new girl Crystal with a host of new images too. Sultry, seductive and all round sexy - Crystal is a surefire hit with any client.

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