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When people, such as the media, have the opportunity to ask escorts questions, the invariably ask the same one either first or in the first three.

‘Why do you do it?’

Usually it’s asked a bit condescendingly, as if escorting is some last-ditch decision made by a desperate person in need of money to buy medicine for their grandma or something. That’s why it’s always funny and heart-warming to see the inevitable honest answer.

“I like making a lot of easy money”

The beauty of escorting is that’s it’s unlike almost any job in the world. Not only do you make literally hundreds of pounds an hour and can pick your own working hours, but as a profession it’s recession-proof and technology-proof. No matter what happens in society, people will always want to connect on a physical level and satisfy their most basic human desires. If you were to design the perfect job, escorting would pretty much be it.

It’s pretty obvious then why there’s a substantial student population amongst Aphrodite’s most wonderful Cardiff escorts. Escorting offers a great way to satisfy the naturally physical high drive found in teens and twenty-somethings whilst providing the easy cash to finance their studies and offer a quality of life that can’t be found by other students grafting for hours in a sweaty kitchen for minimum wage.

As for specifics, the average student escort could earn up to £800 from a single overnight appointment, and over £160 per hour for shorter ones. In a job where you can choose your own hours, that means you could in theory earn a normal person’s entire yearly wage in a single month. It’s not difficult to see why the escort population is booming – especially among teens and twenties!

Hollywood and the media like to portray escorting as scantily clad, shivering on a street corner in a bad part of town waiting for an unknown stranger to pull up in a car who may or may not be an evil person. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Our clients are vetted to make sure that they’re the right kind of client – professional, respectable, and more than willing to play by the rules. Our escorts work from vetted hotel rooms, clients own homes for outcalls or their own property for In-calls. Safe, comfortable, and relaxing.

There are also all of the in-job perks which don’t even include the physical satisfaction. There are many ways that clients like to reward the professional escorts who they see – travel both nationally and internationally is not unheard of, as well as great meals at high class restaurants, VIP entry to events, and entry to events where you could be mixing and matching with some of Britain’s fattest wallets and sharpest minds. We even have a few high-class celebrities call for one of our professionals every once in a while!

Discretion is another reason students love working for us. We vet each of our clients and provide those details to the escort in question, meaning that there’s no risk of bumping into another student or your professor!

If you are interested in starting out as an escort with us and would like to know more fill out our online application form HERE or call us on 07730-532-328 and we can answer any and all questions you may have, as well as getting the ball rolling if you’re still interested! It could be the biggest and best decision you make in your whole life, but you won’t know until you try. When we ask our own escorts about their decision to join us, they say that they can’t believe the didn’t do it sooner!

Some of our escorts over the next few weeks will be revealing their own stories on the industry, some that still work and some that have left and how this helped them in many ways to gain great professions through Uni and life itself.

Make sure you come back to find out more about being an escort and how to find the correct way of working for yourself.

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