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teen role play with Tara

“Tara, do you know why you’ve been called to my office today?” Ewan Jones, a 40 something business owner, stood by his fireplace with his arm resting on the mantel. Tara, the young baby faced escort stood in the doorway after getting changed into her outfit. Her slim and petite 5’3 frame and 32C breasts perfectly filled the tiny white shirt and ultra mini checked skirt that barely covered her arse. The white knee-length socks and hair in bunches perfected the look.

“No sir, I don’t.” Tara tip-toed and held her hands behind her back, looking at the floor. With her head held low, she looked up beneath her beautiful long lashes and Ewan knew why she was one of the most sought after teen escorts in South Wales, let alone Cardiff. Her delicate baby face with super soft skin could get a man lost in forever.

“Tara, you were talking through my class, again. I’m tired of you being so openly disrespectful and impertinent.” Ewan put his hands in his pockets. From the outside, it would look like a power move but Tara and Ewan both knew it was because he was starting to get uncomfortable within the confines of his trousers. Tara couldn’t help but raise a subtle smirk from the side of her mouth. She knew the effect she had on men and revelled in every moment of it.

Tara tilted her head to the side and subtly pouted her mouth for him. “I’m very sorry, Sir. I promise it won’t happen again.” Tara started to twirl side to side as if she just couldn’t stay still; all that young spirit bottled inside her couldn’t be held down to one spot for too long. Ewan walked over to the dark leather chesterfield sofa and picked up the thin pale bamboo cane that was waiting out of sight behind the arm of the chair. Tara felt a flush run through her body and knew that it was showing in her face. She couldn’t hide her excitement.

Ewan stood next to the sofa and held the cane with one hand and rested it in another. That may well be, Tara. But that still doesn’t take away from the fact that you need to be punished. How are you going to learn if there are no consequences? A good spanking will suffice, I think. What shall we say, 10?” Ewan looked at Tara and saw her eyes sparkle with the thrill of what was to come. “No, 20 is better. Really teach you a lesson.” He patted the arm of the sofa in front of him and Tara followed the instruction. Tara stood by the sofa and put on her best ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ face “Don’t look like that, you know what to do.” Tara smiled a devilish smile and bent over the sofa arm, with her arms resting on the leather and her arse stuck out against Ewan. She could feel his huge bulge against her skin; the feel of the coarse fabric on soft skin already had Tara’s’ nerves edge. “Maybe you’ll remember to be a good girl next time, Tara?” And with that, he landed the first strike across her cheeks, whipping through the air.

“Yes, sir.”