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Escort Safety Rules

There are no bigger supporters for the joys of escorting than us. We’ve happily shown you all just how much money can be made doing this job for only a few hours a week, how you can pick your own hours, how you can do what you enjoy and still have more than enough money for multiple foreign holidays a year - even if you’re a student or only part-time.

Just because we’re cheerleaders for the job, that doesn’t mean we hide the bad stuff though. Like any job there are risks involved. To be sure they are completely and utterly eclipsed by the rewards to be found but you should still be fully aware of these risks anyway.

These risks are myriad and are pretty much what you’d expect for this agency. Most of the men and women you meet will be good eggs there for a good time and to conduct lawful business. However, there are some people out there who either think that because they’re paying for your time they somehow own you (that’s bad news) and there are others out there who want to do bad things to someone and think that an escort would make an easy target (that’s really bad news). The reason for this last one is that escorts often lie to family and friends about where they go and what they do, so some of the extremely bad apples see this as an opportunity.

We don’t mean to put you off, but this is the reality of the situation and we won’t lie about it. The good news is that these risks are very easily mitigated by following a few safety rules - most of them common sense. We’ll run through these in order of importance. Being an Independent escort, it is vital to read these steps, most of this is covered by an agency before you attend a booking. Read HERE more about the differences on the two.

Protecting Yourself

There’s no two ways about it. In the past, as you may have seen on the news and on documentaries, people have preyed on escorts for many of the worst purposes imaginable. Though these have mainly been focused on workers on the street, it is still important to make yourself a very unattractive target.

One of the most important steps is carrying out vetting on a client if you’re independent then it’s up to you to protect yourself by making sure who you’re meeting is who they say they are.

Make sure the address where you’re meeting is a ‘normal’ place - eg. not a sketchy bit of land in an industrial estate. You can do this on Google Maps. Have the client give a landline number and then call it to confirm.

Make sure you take your own transport to and from the appointment, and make sure that someone knows when you’re expected to be back. It can often be a good idea to have a driver take you places and then wait outside. This means that someone is waiting outside who is known to you and is the client is made aware of this it almost always ensures good behaviour.

Verify hotel bookings by asking the client booking the appointment for their room number and name. You can then call the hotel reception and ask to be put through to Mr or Miss ‘x’ in Room ‘y’ and if you reach the client then you know that the booking is legit and there’s a significant paper trail that a bad egg wouldn’t have left!

Finally, know when to cancel! If you get there and anything at all isn’t as expected such as more people there, any drugs there, alcohol there that you feel uncomfortable with, the client is drunk or high, or literally anything else - leave. You have a right to work in a safe and comfortable environment and you also have the right to leave at any time. Always trust your instincts!

NOTE: If you’re part of an agency they’ll take care of this for you, most of this will be covered and you will be protected. However, it is vital to use your gut feelings on arriving at a job, and if anything seems out of place, you have the agency to contact and they can take it from there.

Protecting Your Privacy

Always, no matter what, avoid answering clients’ questions about where you live or what your real name is or in fact any personal information. This never ends well, and most genuine clients wouldn’t care about this information anyway. When a plumber comes to fix your tap or when your postman delivers mail - do you care about where they live? No, and you wouldn’t ask so many personal questions.

Always rent an apartment for this purpose and just use that, preferably with an intercom system that has a camera. Never use your home address. Also, on that note, never use your personal phone. Have a prepaid phone just for escorting under a different name to avoid any snooping.

It would be senseless doing all of this only to have your real drivers license in your purse. Make sure to leave identifying information at home or in your vehicle / with your driver.

There have been known cases in forums and Twitter about clients stalking Escorts and violating privacy terms and not respecting Escorts personal space and private lives.

Protecting Your Money

A lot of escorting sites tell you (very wrongly!) that the money is ‘the most important bit’. Don’t listen to that and listen to us very carefully - if it ever comes down to your money or your safety please remember that money can always be replaced. That’s why money is down here. If a client ever tries to take your money or purse by force then just let them and leave, and then let the authorities deal with it.

That said, there are a lot of tips you can use to protect your money without putting yourself at risk. Ask the client to pay a deposit beforehand, and then ask for the remainder of the money up front as soon as you arrive. Never let the client pay afterwards. Make sure to count the money before you start to avoid disagreements later. You should then put this cash in a separate place to your other earnings if you have any on you, although we advise never to take money into a booking with you because showing a large quantity of cash to your client is a bad idea.

Never take payments by PayPal as these can be reversed later, use only cash or bank transaction You’ll want a pen marker to make sure that bank notes are real because people often try to pay escorts with fake notes.

If you are looking to get into Escorting, or looking to cross over from being Independent to agency please fill in our online application and we can arrange a meeting to discuss this further.