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Double trouble


Hello Aphrodite Followers,

Well, what a beautiful Easter break we’ve had! The sun has been shining, we’ve eaten loads of chocolate eggs and everyone is in a wonderful mood! We’ve been super busy last week, not sure if it was the sunshine, or a result of our suggestive Easter egg blog?

So, Aphrodite girl Summer, called in for a coffee and a catch up this week, she settled into being an Aphrodite girl very quickly! She told us all about a risqué experience she had with Liza last week.

As they are both from Swansea, they decided to meet up to do some running. As the weather was so spectacular, they drove to the Gower coast to run in the sand dunes.

Summer is bisexual and is quite partial to the female form. Liza has an amazing body, so when she turned up to go running in tiny hot pants and a crop top, Summer instantly felt aroused.

As they were running through the sand dunes, Liza tripped in the sand and fell down laughing…They had worked up quite a sweat in the warm Gower sunshine, Summer thought they deserved a break. She quickly leapt on top of Liza, and began to tickle her. Liza surprised at this, began to giggle. Summer began to trace her tongue down Liza’s firm abs and lick the beads of sweat that were running down towards her shorts…Liza really began to feel turned on by this, and gasped when Summer lifted her crop top and began to nip her cherry like nipple….Summer then lowered Liza’s shorts and began to trace her pants with her tongue. Liza felt the familiar flood of dampness that only appears at the height of arousal…

To find out what happened next, make sure you come back next week.

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