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Lockdown TLC

The whole of Britain is adjusting to the new lockdown rules that have so changed all of our lives, and my life has certainly been no different. It has been a huge change from being able to do anything I want to being stuck inside for the majority of the day. However, even through these trials I have been making sure that I stay active both physically and mentally.

I have been making sure to make the most of my unexpected lockdown. All this time at home has left me plenty of time to work on some much needed TLC. As you can see, I take self care very, very seriously indeed and make sure to enjoy a lovely cuppa a few times a day - as well as maximising my Vitamin D thanks to sun exposure. It’s all for health, surely. I promise! The fact it makes the neighbours drool is just a wonderful bonus.

In addition to drinking tea, looking phenomenal and driving the neighbours wild, I have also been working on getting through a load of books I have been planning on reading for a while, as well as making sure to keep fit and toned so that I can resume work at any moment. God knows I’ve been desperate to get back into it and see you fine gentlemen once again. In fact, I have missed you all so much that one of the biggest problems that I have faced in isolation is burning through the batteries on all of my favourite toys! I can’t wait to get back to work so that I have more playmates to have fun with.

That said,I’m not completely on my own in isolation. I have been locked away with my best friend and confidant - Captain Morgan! Being in such venerable company really does help time pass by quicker, and helps to keep spirits high. Pun very much intended!

As soon as it is appropriate and safe to do so, I will be back to taking bookings and making dreams come true. Until then, I hope that these pictures and updates will be enough to tide you by until I can be there to help relax you in person. 

Keep an eye out for more updates from me

Grace xx