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Liza review 1

Author:The Professor
Escort name:Liza
Date of Visit:04/29/2014
Time of Visit:
Spent time:
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:Where to start? There are so many ways I could write a review about this incredible woman, and the magnificent three hours we spent with each other, for it was an experience that transcends the limits of the written or spoken word. Liza is much more beautiful than I could ever say, not only in the physical sense, but in many other ways. She is a vision of lovelines, so charming, so glamorous, so very alluring. With a skill of conversation that is seldom heard of in these days. Somebody I could be pleased to go anywhere with, at any time. And I believe that if I should ever become rich, I would likely spend almost all of my money just to keep you! As you are my idea of perfection. So I thank you kindly for all you did in our brief encounter, and for lighting up my existance with your glowing personality and looks. For I have so many good words to say about you, I would have to write them in a thousand-page (perhaps longer) book. I feel so very happy just to have ever met you, and a pleasure to have been in your company. I hope we will meet again one day when I get a little richer. Till we meet again my dear...