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Loving My Rugby Images

With the rugby season in full swing due to the arrival of the Six Nations tournament, I wanted to go all out to get in with the rugby spirit and show my support by taking part in an awesome photoshoot! This is partially because I love to get involved in anything my wonderful agency does for us, partially because I love rugby, and partially (okay, mostly) because I will pretty much jump at any chance to show off my amazing figure as I'm always getting requests for that from the wonderful gentlemen of Wales. The occasional lady, too! Something about the idea of people I don't even know getting really excited about seeing my picture really gets me going, too, so do go ahead and check out the fruits of my new photoshoot.

I'm sure you'll be really thrilled to know that my photos are now up on the site and are free to access, which means there's nothing between you and seeing my stunning body in all its glory! I love keeping my profile fresh and up to date, so do check back regularly to ensure that you don't miss out on anything.

If you fancy seeing more than just a picture and want to lay eyes and hands on the real thing instead - make a booking with me and you'll see that not even the best photograph can do me justice. I can be with you in as little time as an hour, so why wait? 

REally want to thank Nicole, as she alwasy does such a great job at our shoots and keepng us all in line. (creep) haha I know.... Love you guys..... Mwah! 

Call 07730532328 .... let me show you how to have fun with your own set of Rugby Balls, xx